An engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot as they are also known by are a great way for the couple and me to spend some time together before the wedding, to take some relaxed and fun photographs. Most couples are quite nervous about having their photograph taken, so an engagement shoot is a great thing to do before the wedding as it gives the couple confidence and most importantly, they will see how great they look behind the camera.

Some couples choose to have their engagement shoot soon after they book me and others choose to have their shoot closer to the wedding at the reception venue. The session lasts for about an hour where I can try different ideas and to find out what works best. Once I have finished editing the images I will supply them on a USB stick for the couple to use as they please - the are no copyright restrictions on any of the pictures. Some couples decide to use a picture on their wedding invitations others get an enlargement picture printed and have it at the reception where guests can sign it and leave messages.